Asset Management

Capturing Assets for Long-Term Results

Where success is driven by a history of land assets

Your project’s full value is in how your assets are managed. Your long-term success relies on well-documented and maintained assets. Effectively managing your project’s records is critical to ensuring an accurate, timely, and high-quality project delivery. From important files to signatures and commitments, at LandSolutions, we manage your assets for you.

Land Asset Management

Asset management committed to your success

Confidently manage your assets by working with our in-house experts to ensure your records, documents and systems are valid, accurate, and secure.

Projects often require detailed administration to obtain, sign, and process leases and contracts for third-party agreements with governments, municipalities, and stakeholders. Let us do the heavy lifting to execute these agreements including determining the correct parties, outlining scope, and registering documents to ensure compliance. We ensure that all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed.

Land Negotiations

  • Asset Identification
  • Acreage Evaluations and Review
  • Appraisal Review
  • Contract Negotiations/Drafting
  • Permitting

Land System Management

  • Freehold & Crown Lease Administration
  • Joint Venture Services
  • Conveyance Document Preparation
  • Third-Party Program Management
  • Automation of Land Title Services
  • Rental Obligation Management

Lease Administration

Committing to full-time administration staff or integrating a dedicated land system for ad-hoc project-based work can be costly. We offset your costs by providing lease administration needs as a one-off service, or for long-term benefits as your in-house expert. Utilize our team’s expertise with:

  • Land System Compliance Management
  • Obligation Monitoring
  • Acquisition and Divestiture Services
  • Preparation and Processing of Assignments
  • Regulatory and Compliance Monitoring
  • Title and Registration Management

Commitment Tracking

Take the complexity out of your commitments

What is a commitment? When is it due? Who’s accountable? Where do I start? These are questions that come with every interaction and LandSolutions is here to help clarify actions and expectations.

How well commitments are captured, tracked, communicated, and fulfilled is the cornerstone to managing relationships both internally and externally. Using innovative online data management and mapping tools, LandSolutions ensures you never miss a commitment.

In addition to our Commitment Tracker tool, our team can help with a three-option approach and implementation plan that includes:

STP - Specific Task Phase

We research and get to know the need or issues, address a specific need, or solve an immediate problem.

CPC - Compliance Program Customization

We assess your current state and provide recommendations tailored to your company: who’s accountable, how divisions are interacting/communicating, and how commitments are being tracked, as well as providing the right reporting information.

AP - Application Phase

We support, train, or place resources internally under your scope of work or provide a robust commitment tracking program where we are responsible for all moving parts.

Get started tracking your commitments.

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Seamless support for company A&D Transactions

Acquisition and divestitures can be a complicated process because every deal structure is unique and often requires multiple disciplines. We have been involved in projects of every size, up to and including some of industries largest developments involving tens of thousands of files. Let your LandSolutions team handle your due diligence, chain of title analysis, industry and regulatory notices, file clean up, data entry, accurate paper and updated systems and conveyancing to ensure a seamless deal completion.

Acquisition and Divestiture Support

  • Project Management
  • Transfer of Title
  • Due Diligence
  • Right of first refusal (ROFR)
  • Conveyances
  • Legal support
  • Notice of Assignments
  • Mineral Lease Transfers
  • Well and Pipeline Transfers
  • Surface Agreement Transfers
  • Pre and Post Conveyancing
  • Land System Conversions
  • Deal Negotiation
  • System Support
  • File Clean Up
  • Encrypted Digital Signature Process
  • Digital Volume Signing (DVS)

Records Management

Efficiently manage records in the modern world

Communities across North America continue to expand. To keep up with the growing demand for efficient digital information sharing and confidential online signing options, a robust asset management system that is scalable, mitigates risk, is accessible remotely, and improves information accessibility is critical. Paper files have limited space in this modern era.

Digitizing historic documentation including land titles, commitments and obligations can attract investors and accelerate development opportunities. Minimizing delays to accessing information and ensuring that all the previous records, along with new ones, are safe, accessible, and recordable provides significant cost reductions to be allocated elsewhere.

If you struggle with finding old or missing files, are looking to eliminate the risk of files being destroyed by fire, water, or misplacement, or are interested in a centralized online access to important information, our flexible approach to file scanning and digitization ensures data is efficiently managed and available at your fingertips.

Service includes:

  • File scanning and digitization
  • Asset management plans, policies, and strategies
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Training and organizational development
  • Enterprise web application for document control and accessibility

Explore your future of records management.