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Consistent, connected, and committed project management

LandSolutions’ project management team delivers consistent results for highly complex, multi-sector projects. Using advanced mapping technology, data management systems, and detailed reporting measures, we work with our clients to move forward some of the largest and most complex energy and infrastructure developments across the United States and Canada. With a growing team of on-call industry experts situated across most provinces and states, we are here to help keep you on budget and on schedule.

We’ve refined our management process over our 23+ years of operations in land access. Whether your project is short-termed or spans hundreds of kilometres or miles: LandSolutions equips you with the systems and tools to enable efficient and thoughtful delivery at every stage of your project life cycle.

Project Management Capabilities

Project Management is about simplifying, communicating, and mitigating risk. These are key to supporting a smooth-running project, with minimal disruption. Tasks performed and tools used to support your project may include:

  • Project Coordination and Oversight
  • Land Access Strategy and Execution
  • Cost Control
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Team Management
  • Budget Tracking and Preparation
  • Project Status and Updates Reporting
  • Vendor and Subcontractor Coordination
  • Permits, Agreements, and Approvals Execution
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Environmental Planning
  • Public Awareness Program (PIP) Coordination
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data Analysis, Collection, and Management
  • LandTraxx Project Management Software

LandTraxx Project Management Software

Help your project stay on track 24/7

LandTraxx is the land asset tracking web application LandSolutions uses to obtain results. This system captures and presents real-time information regarding the health of your project. Our agents, analysts, Project Managers, and you, the client, are given access and visibility into project information including key documents (e.g., landowner agreements), budget and actual costs, and completion of project tasks. LandTraxx provides you with 24/7 access to critical project information so that timely and insightful decisions can be made.

LandTraxx Capabilities

LandTraxx helps to keep your project from derailing, allowing you to adjust and act when needed to ensure your project’s success. A sampling of the capabilities within this program includes:

  • Store, access, and view documents
  • Online stakeholder communication records
  • Chronological records repository
  • Real-time project updates and reporting

Explore how LandTraxx can work for you.